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Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes called endodontic therapy, root canal treatment is provided to save a severely damaged tooth from extraction. When a tooth’s interior pulp has become damaged by an infection or decay, the harmful material must be flushed out, and the tooth must be restored. Root canal treatment cleans out the passages inside a tooth’s root so that any infected matter is removed. Our experts make sure to be as careful and as gentle as possible so that the patient experiences minimal discomfort during this process. Following treatment, the tooth will be fully restored with a natural-looking appearance.

There are two likely causes for the inner pulp of a tooth to become damaged. A tooth fracture could lead to a bacterial infection, causing the tooth to start to die from the inside. Another possibility is that a very deep cavity managed to reach the inside of the tooth. But whenever a tooth’s inner pulp is damaged, it is a very serious issue. As the interior of the tooth starts to rot, it is likely that the individual will experience swollen gums, intense toothache and temperature sensitivities. For those reasons, receiving root canal treatment as soon as possible is important.

When providing root canal treatment, the goal is to clean out the damaged inner material of the tooth and the protect the tooth with medicated fillings and a dental crown. Our experts will start by taking X-rays of the tooth. This allows us to see the extent of the damage and determine exactly how much inner pulp material needs to be replaced. From there, we can begin restoring the tooth.

To keep the tooth dry, a rubber sheet known as a dental dam will be applied around it during the procedure. This also helps to prevent the infection from spreading while work is being done. Using specialized dental tools, we will access the interior of the tooth from the top. This will allow us to begin removing any decayed and infected material that is present. The process will continue until the entire interior of the tooth is cleaned.

The next step is to flush out the root canals of the tooth. This process will clean the tooth all the way down to the root. Once the entire root canal is clean and free of harmful material, the sealing process will begin. A medicated filling material is used to ensure that the tooth will remain healthy, even after the procedure. Additionally, dental fillings will be applied in order to provide structure and strength for the tooth.

Finally, a dental crown will be installed on top of the tooth. This is done to prevent any fractures or injuries from occurring later. The crown will also provide the tooth with a healthy, natural appearance. If the restoration is cared for and maintained properly, it should remain strong and intact for life.

A root canal procedure may be the best way to save your injured tooth from extraction and to restore your oral health. Please call us at (714) 706-3466 to schedule an appointment.

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"I rarely write these reviews, but then again my visits to the dentist were infrequent to say the least. With that being said, I was very satisfied with my appointment. The staff was courteous, skilled, and seemed to genuinely care. If they can get a guy like me to start actually committing to better oral care and regular visits, they can for you as well."

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"Dr. Bosh is the most professional and caring dentist I have visited in years. She is sensitive to patient pain and communicates with patients during procedures. She is also sensitive to patients personal budgets. I would recommend New Image Dentistry for all your dental needs."

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"I must say what an amazing staff they have at New Image Dentistry. I highly recommend this facility for all your dental needs. My son is very fearful of dental offices but this one made a huge lasting impression on him. They're very open to walk-in patients and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and at ease. New Image Dentistry is the one dental office you need to visit for emergency and emergency needs."

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