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TMJ Surgery in CA

TMJ surgery is provided to correct various issues that a person may experience with their temporomandibular joint (TMJ). These issues are most commonly identified by a person experiencing pain and tenderness in their jaw and in the muscles that are used to control jaw movement. Although these issues may disappear on their own, intervention is sometimes necessary. This can include surgical treatment to correct the problem.

Some causes of TMJ disorders include:

  • Arthritis and genetics
  • Excessive teeth grinding and clenching
  • Oral injury
  • Use of certain drugs

If we believe that a patient is suffering from a TMJ disorder, we will provide a series of tests to determine if this is indeed the case. These tests typically involve feeling the jawbone as it is moved and measuring its range of motion. We will also inquire about any sort of pain or discomfort that the patient is experiencing. Using this information, we will determine if TMJ surgery is required.

The exact type of TMJ surgery that is provided will depend on the severity of the TMJ disorder. Dental sedation will be offered during the procedure in order to ensure that the patient is kept as comfortable as possible. Some surgical procedures will provide the patient with a complete recovery in just a matter of days. But in other cases, it may take several weeks for the patient to fully recover. Our experts will provide a likely recovery time prior to the procedure.

In order to determine the most appropriate type of TMJ surgery, we will conduct an evaluation of the temporomandibular joint and any damage that is present. We will then explain the procedure and provide an outline of what to expect following treatment. In the vast majority of cases, the patient makes a complete recovery and achieves 100 percent function of their jaw.

TMJ surgery may be the best way to restore the health of your injured temporomandibular joint. A visit to our practice will allow us to determine if TMJ surgery is right for you. Please call us at (714) 706-3466 to schedule an appointment.

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